Mann Room Local History

The Mann Room is named for Mrs. Gertrude Casler Mann who was instrumental in bringingGertrude Casler Mann this room into existence. She was a local nurse who loved genealogy and felt that the Franklin County history needed to be saved in one central location. She worked on numerous genealogical correspondences and saved her materials in several large grey filing cabinets. She stipulated that the materials in those cabinets were to be housed in a central location upon her death. Just prior to her death in 1988 this area would become a reality and with the large number of materials that she had collected the room was named in her honor.

What Can Be Found in the Mann Room

In the Mann Room you will find a number of local historical resources about Bedford, Franklin and Henry County. Additional information about neighboring counties and states can also be found in this room. Materials in this room do not circulate but you may use the copier available right outside the Mann Room door to make copies. Copies are $0.15 per page. There is also a microfilm reader printer available in the local history room and copies from this machine are $0.25 per page.