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Volunteer Exit Survey

  1. Franklin County Department of Public Safety • 1488 Franklin Street • Rocky Mount, VA 24151 • 540-483-3091
  2. What is your gender? (optional)
  3. Where did you serve as a volunteer? (check all that apply)*
  4. In what capacity were you a volunteer in Franklin County?*
  5. Why did you initially decide to begin volunteering?*
  6. Which of the following were important in influencing your decision to leave?*
  7. Overall, I rate the leadership of the station as:*
  8. Overall, how satisfied were you with your volunteer experience with this organization?*
  9. How likely are you to recommend this organization to others as a place to volunteer?*
  10. What incentives would have potentially helped you remain active as a volunteer?*
  11. Do you plan to volunteer with a fire or EMS agency again in the future?
  12. I would like a representative from Human Resources to contact me to further discuss my volunteer experience.
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